Monday, March 29, 2010

Livestream 24

First off, a little Akuroku for people XDD. Gigi kept harping on about her mermen LOL so X''DD Here you go.Kallian intends to colour it so i look forward to seeing that

This is a little sketch I did to warm up....guy? girl? I dunno XDD Could be either really. So LOL it can be whatever you want.

So Kiniumi in LiveStream asked me to do the head from different angles and I decided to use Teal's character Key from her original manga Flame of Avalyn as my example. She's so cute

So Ethan and Jesse fail. There's aspects of this I like but i would consider it overall to be a bit of a failed experiment. Jesse turned out alright but Ethan's just not consistant at all. Still not out of my artblock =__=

So this was my attempt to kinda sort out what was going wrong in the first one. Not that much of a success but a definite improvement. Hands were giving me trouble this LS DDx

But I think I'd like to put up the fails aswell as the successes, because it doesnt turn out right everytime and it's the same for everyone.

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