Saturday, April 3, 2010

Livestream 29

We'll give this one over to Ethan and Jesse completely.

This is the pic I took my new dA avatar from =D If you were in Livestream last night you would have pretty much gotten these guys story...if you werent, ahh sorry X''DD
Taken form the story.

Another part taken from the actual plot.

Porn, but....relaaaatively tasteful because I'm aware of the childers in the room. Teal was disappointed XD

Jesse doesn't like kids XD

Because everyone's Llama!crazy!!

Livestream 28

Sooo Another sketch dumpppp.
Here we have Yuri and Conrad from Kyou Kara Maou, me and Teal have a bit of a...well you couldnt even call it a disagreement, because i DO love Conrad and Yuri....but I LOVE Yuri/Wolf DDDx Whch Teal doesnt like so much hahaha....I just love the two

Annddd Shiki and Akira from Togainu No Chi. Did you hear theres an anime coming out?? Togainu No Chi Trailer. Music does my head in XD

So....I forget to stuff blankpaper in my bag sometimes, but i'll always have a notebook. I was sitting in McD waiting on Alison and doodling to pass the time

Orihara and Kida

Ethan, Jesse and Faith

Random Doodle

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Livestream 27

First is Hikaru no Go, Isumi and Waya. I love this series and isumi and waya are one of my fave pairings from that. Annnddd, Hikaru and Sai, anndd Hikaru and Yashiro, got a pic or two of them over on ygallery

And heres Hijikata and Okita <3<3 This manga is so borderline shounen ai XD

Annnddd here is a series of DGM pics of Lavi and Allen

Do Not Want

Kinda Want

Want Nao