Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Livestream 26

It's all pretty self explanatory

Monday, March 29, 2010

Livestream 25

Connection's bloody awful here atm for certain things. Uploading to blogger appears to be one of those things X''DD

First is the Prince and the Fairy. The young prince tried to complete the inauguration ceremony to become King. He must capture the fairy that will become his 'bride'. each kin will catch their destined Fairy but what happens when the Prince's bride isn't so much a bride as a groom.

The final portion of the ceremony before crowning involves the Fairy transforming into a more acceptable size for it's partner. But, these two need to figure out how they're going to get thru this. end story tiem.

So here we have the deck hand, doing what he does best until a tempermental pirate decides to take him mood out on the kid.

Lol Teal wanted Ethan and Jesse porn. XDD So I decided to keep it vaguely tasteful because im sure there were underage kiddies in the room X''DD there usually are.

Jesse's going to be bitching for days about the bruise between his shoulder blades. Good think Ethan's a study of patience.

Renton and Dominic from Eureka 7. Spoiler ahead: If any of you have read the manga you know that Renton dies, hence alternate ending.

And some obligatory Doc and Jonas for people

Livestream 24

First off, a little Akuroku for people XDD. Gigi kept harping on about her mermen LOL so X''DD Here you go.Kallian intends to colour it so i look forward to seeing that

This is a little sketch I did to warm up....guy? girl? I dunno XDD Could be either really. So LOL it can be whatever you want.

So Kiniumi in LiveStream asked me to do the head from different angles and I decided to use Teal's character Key from her original manga Flame of Avalyn as my example. She's so cute

So Ethan and Jesse fail. There's aspects of this I like but i would consider it overall to be a bit of a failed experiment. Jesse turned out alright but Ethan's just not consistant at all. Still not out of my artblock =__=

So this was my attempt to kinda sort out what was going wrong in the first one. Not that much of a success but a definite improvement. Hands were giving me trouble this LS DDx

But I think I'd like to put up the fails aswell as the successes, because it doesnt turn out right everytime and it's the same for everyone.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Poster Project

This was a poster my older brother asked me to help him with. I had the designs coloured and without and sent him both versions with a bunch of different fonts. He decided he preffered it without colour.

He's studying Pychiatric Nursing in college and this was a part of a project he was doing.

Doodles for Teal

First are Teal's characters Aldera and Soele from her original story Flames of Avalyn. Which might I add sounds WONDERFUL. Drew this to help her cheer up. She's had a pretty rough week this last week so X''DD these were my attempts to cheer up a little bit.

The second is a character who's patiently, or not so patiently waiting on a name. He doesn't look like the type to have a whole lot of patience. He's the character I intend to use to RP with Teal <3

The last 3 pictures are of Teal's OC Key, who is just the happiest little thing <3<3

Sunday, March 14, 2010